15 February 2011


Erk erm..
This will be the last post of my 19th birthday.
First time ever i had celebrate so many times in a year.
Four celebrations and four cakes.
Yeah, with the most amount of cake.

First cake.

2nd cake.

Well, the third cake ..
I missed the chance snapping a photo of it haha. 

Nah, this is the last cake.
Strawberry Cheesecake ..
Its yummie =))

Basically, this is still a blog post about the last birthday celebration.

Am still feeling guilty now because something.
I was doing something.
Meanwhile they keep rushing me to the celebration venue.
Of course i didn't know that it's for my celebration.
I got so annoyed and i scolded Kityamm.
I felt sorry for Thomas too! 
I keep on mentioning that he owed me 4bucks and he said he purposely came for this celebration wor.
No doubts that i am doubting him haha.

It was a superb surprise because i was going for marketing assignment discussion.
Alot of them were there early.
I gone crazy for the 2nd time during my birthday.

They made a video for me too!
I rated it 6 over 5!

Its more than good, to be specific, its the best!

Me with my birthday cake.

Ladies .. 

Group pichas!
Awesome peeps.

Mwahs mwahs

This is the video ♥ ♥ ♥


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