02 February 2011


The 2011 birthday, is definitely a memorable one.
To be honest, my birthday is never a surprise one.
Till now, i had 2 best birthday party.
I had one back in standard 2 and the second one was yesterday.

I never knew that they can act and lie that well.
I can say that i am stupid.
Yes, yesterday and only yesterday.
I never realize any single thing.
Some gave hints and i'm still.... living in my own harmony world.

Waking up at horrible 8 to fetch the boyf.
Way back very blur and sleepy that time.
I totally went fresh when he told me he is only going back at 8pm.

Picked him up and he told me he wanted to collect a shoe from a seller at UOA.
Fine and bla bla bla.
Drove to Pavilion and walked awhile.
On the way to Pavilion, he keep on asking that why don't i have plan later.
I answered him, 'I didn't expect people to remember or even celebrate' -i'm sorry guys.

That fella keep on going toilet and even asked me to look at the food directory.
He asked me to scan through so we will know what to eat after collecting the shoe.
He even asked me to look at the floor plan and told me " Wah Pavilion有酱大咩? "
I was like zzzzzz 做乜鬼哦

I didn't want to walk to UOA because it was really hot outside.
He told me the seller was having his lunch at the top floor.
He went str8 to saisaki and i was wondering how he know the seller is at saisaki.
He talked to the waiter and the waiter showed him the place.
I was also wondering why the waiter will know who is the seller?
I followed also...


Here comes the climax.
I saw all of them at the table.
My brain went blank at the moment.
Yet i didn't cry, I AM TOUGH.

After sooo many years, i felt the love.
I always doubt on how much you guys will spend on me.
As in time, love, share and care.
I never have a confirm idea about it.
But till yesterday.
I had an idea about it. 
No matter how much you guys spent on me, i love you all.

This very special guy.
A very unique fella.
A commitee of the surprise party, is my boyf.

 He made me think about things in another way.
He made me think before getting mad.
He just came all the way to mess up my life.

 He never scolds me.
He taught me tons of philosophy and i passed all to my friends around.
I never know the purpose of telling me all kind of philosophy.
I will only realize when i really calm myself down.

Thank you for everything baby.
I never ask for more because i know things you gave is already more than enough.
I never ask for more because you are all the time fulfilling all my needs and desires.
I never ask for more because you are all i want after family and friends.
I don't need luxury goods to fill up my life because you are luxurious to me.

Thanks for being there from me when i really need super comforts.
Thanks for making this awesome party happened.
I love you.

This four ladies whom i never ever feel to leave aside.
They never fail to me.
They all deserves HD.

Why boyfs must be abnormal?

Thank you my dear burung aka liying.
Thank you for driving all around and got stuck in jam.

I don't know what you did my dear but thank you for attending.
It doesnt mean that i don't thank you because you didn't do anything. 

Okay, i have to say something about you.
Thank you for coming.
I know you are superb tired after long hours at work.
Please tell me when you feel something wrong okay?
Don't hambao and keep it to yourself gila.

Thank you for coming.
Your lame jokes.
We knew for half a year but seems like time is not a problem.
Friends were all gathered in a circle is because of fate.

bibubibu <3
Eevon looks real good here.

How do you swallow one big scoop of ice cream birdy ?

This girl here favourite in MIA.
She will be missing in awhile and appear in another while.
Knowing you for so many years, know that you never changed. 
Still not so independent.
You need to be dependable.
The only different is you are now able to drive.
Thank you and i love you too.

You see someone missing? 
And SHE got no skill.
Thank you <3

My first and only love lily.
Thank you baby and driver.

This is another surprise but too bad, i realize it.
Its not that you guys didn't plan well but it is out of expectation that it did not success.

I have 2cakes and i didn't know how to finish it LOL

Ma girls.
You guys are great. 
No differentiation among friend.
Like what i said, duration is not a problem.

Dinner @ Rendezuous 

Yeah this is my present.
I got no idea whether i really use too much of love shaped item or what.
Both my gangs of people gave me a love shaped pendant.
Don't ask me which one i prefer the most.
I love both.

Also thanks to the helpies for this special booklet.
This is a very good present.

At last, Thank you everyone in putting efforts to make this happen.
It didn't that i am not touch because of i didn't cry.
I am glad that i have a superb boyf and awesome friends.
I am showered with uncountable loves from you all.


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