13 March 2011

♥ 17 Hello Kitty

Back to the adolescence stage, i was a crazy Hello Kitty's fan.
But when time passed, of course la i grew up la right?
So the love for Hello Kitty faded away.
Till i met my College girls which 4 out 5 love Hello Kitty,
My love for Hello Kitty appear again.
I am serious.
LOL I got no idea why. 
I am pretty obsessed with Hello Kitty nowadays.
Whenever i think of Hello Kitty, it will always remind me Renee's face when she saw the photo below. 
I took this photo as a joke not like her.
She took it as an offence.

I was having a walk at Toy r us with the boyf another day.
I found the thing below that caught my attention.
Without thinking much, i took it from the shelf and went str8 to the cashier
My boyf even asked me " Are you sure you want it? "

Taadaaa, that stuff i bought is actually a Hello Kitty Convenience Store.
You have to set it up yourself by arranging the shelves and attaching stickers on the furniture
Just to clarify what the shelves are about lar.

This is the box.
This Convenience Store cost me RM29.90.
There are other sets as well.
Just that i prefer this one.

This is what you will see in the box.
A doll of Hello Kitty and the other one..idk haha
The furnitures & Stickers as well.

Got no idea why i don't look like me.

There are loads more stuff in the box which is given in the set.
The white thingy you see are actually those coke bottles, milk and chips bags.

When i unpacked everything, it looks like this. 

The stickers. 

They even state the number beside to make things easy for consumer like us =)
Just follow the numbers stated beside and stick it on the furnitures and snacks.
As easy as ABC!

After applying my mask and waited for it to dry and all, i took my time to install all things into their position.
At the time, I was also waiting for the boyf to reach home after his whole day activity.

Taadaaaaa, when its done it looks like that!

Very cute right?

I can easily got obsessed by things like that.
I mean things that need installation and you have to cut all kind of things to gather it to become a Restaurant!
Not really have to be a restaurant but all kinds of stores!
Okay la to sum up , i actually like handmade stuff especially stuff like this. LOL

You see la, so cute kan? Got ATM machine somemore.

These are bread loaves, biscuits and snacks!

The drink & food stall.
Just like the one we have in real life !
Like 7-11

They even have the promotion board outside the store. 

Hello Kittys are bad cat.
They sell cigarettes and liquors.
No good no good.

Ice-creams corner and can drinks corner.

The fridge is not empty!
There are some bottled drinks and milk in it.

And this is the delivery car without a driver in it hahaha!

Thats all! 

I love this kind of set.
I will actually spend a lot of time on this kind of things and will think that it actually worth my time!

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