18 March 2011

♥ 22 Nose pore cleaner.

 Chienhoong was putting this kind of things on his nose yesterday while we were rushing for our assignments.
The outcome was unexpected good so Kityann & I went to bought a box and shared together.
Btw, he is using the Etude house one.

 I put it on.
I didn't manage to get to put it on at the first time . 
The instructions are all in Japanese so i got no idea about it.

 It was soooooo sticky and it makes your hands went sticky as well.

Leave it on for 15mins and it's done.
It was bloody painful when you tries to tear it out.
I even teared.
I am serious.

The conclusion i found about this Nose pore cleaneer is, well, 
it did not help much.
Sometime in the future, i'll try the Etude House's product.

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