12 March 2011

Mani and Pedicure ♥ 16

Recently i've found out a website which i personally thinks that its superb awesome.
There are a lot of nice deals.

You won't be able to grab a RM34 for Manicure, Pedicure, Deep Hydration Hand & Foot Scrub, Rejuvenating Hand & Foot Massage somewhere else.

But at Milkadeal, you can enjoy it =)

Besides that, you will be able to enjoy Jacuzzi Spa, Full body scrub, Hot Stone Back Massage, Aromatherapy Full Body Massage for 90minutes only at the price of RM36!

Wasn't that a good deal?
But too bad, the response was overwhelmed. So the deals above is already expired.
I believe that they will bring up more valuable deal in future!

I've bought the Mani and Pedicure deal last week and i went to redeemed the voucher yesterday.

The services given by the merchants are good! 
They offer good services and cheap price!
That's what we want!


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