01 March 2011


Today was a super exhausted day.

Feeling so tired in the morning.
I'm lucky that i have the super great Stephy & Chienhoong.
They are being sooo good to offer me by driving me to class.
Much a ouuu so much to both of us even though Chienhoong bully me alot.

Chienhoong was driving this morning, to be exact, he is driving every morning HAHA. POOR THING.
I'm glad that i tumpang-ed their car because there was a massive jam this morning.

Through out all the journey to help, i was sleeping peacefully like a baby in the car.
Didn't want to attend class because of the superb awful stats.
Thanks to Ms Lim as well 
She managed to lecture like a roller coaster.
Makes me feel high in a sudden and low in a second.
She's just a super effective sleeping pill.

I love Ms LIM ♥

Goodnight all!

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