05 May 2011

♥ 46 The Queen's birthday

乐乐 in the house yo!
So cute and chubby lor.
Yiyi sayang ♥
This one is Adik 3

This naughty boy here is Adik 2.
He have super big eyes lor.
Like this O O.
He very hambao de.
Cry baby ~

Outfit of the day.
No dress anymore. LOL

See i told you guys he is a cry baby
Abit then cry edy.
Not to mention that his tears are like free flow de.
Non stop LOL


This one should know gua.
Always appear in my blog punya HAN.

The October bride, Ahma, Meeeeeeee

Aunty 3 and family =)

Cry baby with the couples who will be getting married in the late of October.
The one behind is my cousin brother.

My parents.
Momma is forced to wear specs because of the 老花 

Uncle 2 and Aunty 2. 

Big fat Uncle 1 and Aunty 1

Aunty1, Ah Ma and Aunty 2

Uncle 2's kids.

Three of them again zzz

AhMa's children.

The grandchildren.

These 2 little kiddo are Ahma's great grandchildren.

My family with Ah Ma

Little camera man of the night.

Uncle 2's family portrait with the queen.

Aunty5's family.

Aunty3's family.

My big fat Uncle and I. 
I am so cute hahahaa.

My papa and mama.

Siao Zhar Bo.

Favourite Picture of the night.

Both of them twins lai =:=

Erm, due to the height problem, i have to stand on the chair =)))

Well, this trip to Penang seems like so not smooth.
Jam all the way there and all the way back.
I hate the traffic congestion.
Can you imagine how painful it is for sitting for than 6hours in the car?
Toilet so crowded somemore.

I got no mood for this post.
This years celebration is truly normal only.
Don't have any excited feel at all.


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