14 June 2011

♥ 70 Happy Shopping Day

Last last thursday i think. 
The 2nd of June.
My class was at 2.30pm.
Momma and I had a dinner in Grand Millennium @ 7.

So the plan was, i fetch her down to town at 1.30pm then i will go attend class.
Yes, reached the main entrance liao but cannot turn down to the car park =:=
By 4 i will have finished my class and go str8 to join her.

But it turned out like this.
We left home at 130pm.
All the while jam to Pavilion.
Bye the time i reached Porsche its already 2pm.
Normally from my house to Pavilion its only 10-15mins. ( Including entering car park )
So dropped mum down. 
15mins passed i'm in front of Fahrenheit 88.
20mins passed i'm still in front of Wisma Genting.

So i called my mum and i turned into the car park 
But i got damn pek cek because i was stucked in the jam.
Mum even said she knew i will call her HAHAHA.

Met mum and we had breakfast.
And went to walk around.
You know shopping with Momma is something awesome in life?
Hhaha All girls knew it ♥

I bought this pair of shoe.
At first, it's not this pair. 
It supposed to be the pair of shoe below.
Oh yeah, we even went to made Manicure and Pedicure hahaha.
I guess my lecturer will got mad when she read this post! HAHA

Yes, supposed to be this.
I found 3colours of this design is awesome and the most important is,
I tried and i got damn bek cek because 38is small and 39 is loose.
grrrr.. The only thing that demotivated me that day.

I tried on this on another day.
I did not get it that day because i wasn't feeling to buy it.
But on the day i went with momma, i saw this again.
Without thinking, i went to bought it.
It's so comfy.

And this, is what motivated the day of mine.
The day before which is Wednesday i guess.
I passed by a shop.
I saw this dress.
I went to tried on it.
Its too short and i was thinking to buy anot because i superly love it!
Luckily i did not buy the short version because i found the same design at ZARA!
I'm a lucky girl LOL(Laugh out loud)
I bracketed it because i said LOL=Lack of Love yesterday.

I will try not to procrastinate and i will update again ,soon!

在重看一遍这一篇的时候 我很奇怪为什么是英文的

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