27 January 2013

♥ 泪


从好的 想到是糟糕的 

从good mood 5分钟 直接整个人傻掉

我hold不住我的情绪 我hold不住我的胡思乱想
我真的不想的 但是beyond i can control.

I didn't know how long this will going to last but i am going through a very tough period.

This incident never happens on me before. I felt like the world is going against me.
Everyone seems to go against me or maybe they are doing something bad behind me.
People who are good with me, at this period i thought they just hated me so bad until no one look for me and i dont think they need me anymore.
Am i left out or what?

I was joking with someone else. I am seriously joking but they took it so seriously and we went up quarrellings because i can't hold my mood and temper together.

During the quarrel, i did said something very bad. I am sorry :( I apologize but it seems to be rejected.

The feelings gone so bad and it had reached the worst stage which i think i should just lock myself in a room.


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